The Studio

Founded in Shanghai, DAS_Lab is an experimental design studio providing high-quality design services with devotion to exploring the cutting-edge and forward-looking creative solutions to pluralistic business formats, culture, retail, F&B and hotel whilst contributing unique high-standard commercial design works to the industry.

People say that boundary exists in architecture, space or human. DAS_Lab excels at deviating from common cognition and wanders on the boundaries of thinking, finding out the unique memory points in context of fuzziness and uncertainty then fully controlling the interpretation from concept to implementation to deliver the unforgettable space experience. High completeness of design is the only standard we always adhere to.

DAS_Lab has designed for clients of different backgrounds such as VANKE, LONGFOR Group, HEYTEA, MUJOSH, and LostVilla and the studio has been featured in leading design media worldwide, including FRAME, YATZER, YELLOWTRACE, ARCHIDAILY, ELLE DECO and GOOOOD. In 2019, DAS_Lab has been awarded by German IF Design Award.